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How Do I Get My Company Bonded?


When you are eyeing a project, especially a huge public one, chances are that you have heard of the word ‘bond’. This can either be a performance or payment bond for contractors while performance bond for retailers. Swiftbonds helps you understand more on bonds and getting bonded below. What does it mean to be bonded? When you say “bonded” this refers to a company having a bond.

A Probate Attorney Long Beach Helps Avoid Litigation


Wills and trusts make it clearer to family members and Being careful about this step and clear, as well as including a limiting liability, can truly prevent any issues, misunderstandings or worse, litigations. It goes without saying that taking this step with a probate attorney Long Beach is the best way to do it. Unfortunately, there are those who try to save money or oversimplify this step by doing this on their own.

What Does A Performance Bond Look For When Underwriting The Bond?


Underwriters also look at the character of the contractor because this will affect the relationship of the guarantor with them. There’s a whole lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the underwriting process and the factors that affect the value of the risk. However, with Swiftbonds, rest assured that they have the best underwriters that give fair amounts on risks.